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About Us


Kai, a beautiful name with many different meanings among other cultures, such as “Strong”, ”Unbreakable”, “Triumphant”, “Sea”, “By the water”; all of which are fitting, however, ultimately, Kai was chosen because that is the name of the owner (ironically, named after the hot pink “Hawaii Kai” hydroplane racing boat in the 1960’s). 

Dro, a new slang term from the new millennium meaning:  “Hydroponic Chronic”. 

Kai and Holli Strozyk-Haight proudly adopted the nostalgic, phantom “Olympia Beer” font to represent where and who we are.  We aren’t just operating out of Olympia, we are Olympia, proud to be South Puget Sound Natives.  What a better way to continue to represent the passionate pioneers of the Pacific and continue to carry our torch into post cannabis prohibition. 

We are passionate 12s.  That explains our colors:  Green and Blue!  Truly, the Green represents our beautiful plants, while the Blue represents the water we use to grow them. 

We are cannabis cultivators – we harvest heaven ~ for your enjoyment. 

Combined, Kai’Dro means " Hydroponic weed - grown by the water ".  But don’t be fooled... 

~ It’s more than just the water ! ~