Kai'Dro prides ourselves on providing the best, All-Natural products on the market.




We hand trim our quality flowers, both wet and then again dry, just before packaging our beautifully manicured buds.  Kai'Dro uses a clear front mylar bag, allowing you to see the fine art and care we give our buds.  

Our flowers range from 17-30.9% THC.  

(Multiple sizes available upon request. )


For specific information regarding the strains we cultivate and the effects they have, please review the 'Strains' tab.



Kai'Dro uses Natural Unrefined Organic Hemp RAW cones.

Kai'Dro cones are hand filled with ground buds, never filled with sugar leaf, and always weigh.







Our Kief and Bubble Hash are produced "Old-School" ~ By hand!  


Other processors are selling their dry-trimming machine waste as Kief.  

Not us ~ we hand make our kief.  Other processors take their kief, dip it in water, then compress it.  


Our kief is gently knocked  from the best sugar leaves and popcorn buds, retaining the terpines for your aromatic pleasure; your taste buds will thank you.  Our kief tests out in the 30 - 60% THC ranges.

Try putting some kief onto the top of your bowl for a nice blast!        



Bubble Hash


We also provide awesome old-school bubble hash made from several cannabis cup winning strains.  That is why our bubble hash and kief would be winners too!  Our bubble hash typically ranges in the 40-73% THC.   We hand make our Bubble Hash in using ice water. 





CO2 RAW ($$) 

Pure CO2 RAW Extraction - Contains NO Butane, Glycol, Glycerin, or any other harmful chemicals or additives EVER!  We extract pure hydroponic marijuana oil.  Raw typically ranges in the 50-77% THC levels and is great for dabbing.  


             CO2 OIL

Kai'Dro refines the finest CO2 hash oil naturally; never adding other substances such as Glycol or Glycerin.   This is purified RAW using a proprietary method unique because it retains the characteristics of the original plant while concentrating the THC into the 60-86% THC range. 

Keep in mind, if we were to create a 100% THC oil, it would not be tasty due to the loss of the terpines which are necessary for flavor and euphoric effects. 

Our universal oil dispensing tip allows for filling vape pen cartridges, dabbing directly on a titanium or quartz nail, insertion into a joint, or oral ingestion, just to name a few.


When filling a vape pen cartridges:  Fill just below the fill line, let the oil settle down before putting the top back on.  Do not over tighten the top.

If the vape pen does not work after refilling:  The vape cartridges are not meant for refilling, but it is possible.  After refilling, do not over tighten the top.  Sometimes, removing the cartridge from the battery and screwing it back on usually works.